Friday, October 21, 2011

Republicans Halt Creation of 400,000 Jobs for a Half Cent Tax that would fix Temporary Problem.

What's wrong with fixing a temporary jobs problem? Follow me on this:

This is a temporary jobs problem, right? Or are Republicans saying we have a long term, perhaps permanent, jobs problem, and a temporary fix isn't good enough?

It's not complicated. Obama's is trying to fix a temporary problem with a temporary fix, paid for by taxing incomes above $1 million.

But the question posed by Ezra Klein goes to heart of the argument; Republicans are preventing a fix because Obama's plan is only "temporary."  Ed Schultz explains:

Joe Biden explains the half cent tax on incomes above $1 million in a way even a tea party voter can understand.
Biden: "There's nothing temporary about saving somebody's life, there's nothing temporary about giving a kid a chance."

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