Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Debate Crowd Cheers Cain Bashing Occupy Protesters, Ron Paul Defends them as Victims.

Looks like the press has decided to ignore Ron Paul's follow-up answer to Herman Cain's insult to Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.

Here's the disgusting crowd applause over Cain's rip into the Occupy movement that blames those poor defenseless Wall Street banks. These are the same banks that gave birth to the tea party, when they protested the taxpayer bail outs.

Here's what the media didn't want you to see in their analysis; Ron Paul back handing the knuckle dragging crowds applause, for supporting Cain's "blame the victim" statement:

Paul's overall statement is right on the money, despite the few wacky libertarian theories tossed in for effect. The crowd went suddenly quiet. Later, Cain admits he doesn't get it and still wonders what the protesters want on Wall Street. Paul gets at least some reaction defending the middle class.

Here's a bit from Randi Rhodes:

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