Thursday, September 1, 2011

Will America let Marco Rubio get away with Medicare/Social Security Comment?

It's gotten to the point where Republicans are saying so many outrageously dumb things, it's hard to hold them accountable for any of them.

Big Ed Schultz focused like a laser on his radio show today on the video comment below by Rep. Marco Rubio, the Republican wonderkind. According to Rubio, Medicare and Social Security weakened us as a people.

Anyone out there with elderly parents think they've been weakened by these programs? Did it make you any less a family? Did such a dumb idea even occur to you? Rubio isn't alone. This is where the GOP is headed; the complete tear down of the great American experiment. Car washes, basketball fund raisers...that's the future of senior care.

Where is the research that backs up Rubio's claim?

Huffington Post: Florida Senator Marco Rubio is continuing his war of words with Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow, seizing on their recent criticism of his remarks for a fundraising pitch. The MSNBC hosts had both bashed Rubio's recent speech at the Reagan Library. He had said that entitlement programs "actually weakened us as a people," suggesting that the programs made people more dependent on government.

Last Thursday, Ed Schultz responded on his show. "I'll tell what's weakening our society: political hacks like Marco Rubio, who want to get rid of social safety nets," he thundered.

Likewise, Rachel Maddow accused Rubio of flip-flopping on Medicare, comparing his statement to earlier remarks about the importance of Medicare for his family. She asked, "What would he run as, the guy who says Medicare saved his father and his family but it's also turned you weak and helpless?"

The most important position by the Rubio’s Reclaiming America PAC is summed up in this statement:
“These are the typical attacks that are routinely launched against those who are standing up for our conservative principles.” 
Run on it, we dare you.

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