Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Guns" Galloway and Duffy to attend Wausau's Labor Day Parade. They Need to Feel your Love!

Can you believe these low rent tea party scavengers still want to parade their anti-labor hypocrisy in public?

I'm sure we'll all feel like leaving our political differences behind, right?
WausauDailyHerald: Two of the Wausau area's three Republican representatives said they plan to attend Monday's Labor Day parade after organizers backtracked late Tuesday night on a ban of GOP lawmakers. State Sen. Pam Galloway of Wausau said she plans to attend Monday's event and hopes it will be about families watching a parade -- not politics. "I think the community is eager to put this thing behind us," Galloway said.
I hope Galloway understands that many can't put their lost wages, and right wing personal attacks on their professionalism, on hold so she can smile for the cameras. What a ghoul.
In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, Duffy said he plans to attend the parade with his children. "I'm thrilled the organizers of this event have decided to set aside political differences and hold a parade in which we can all celebrate the American worker, both union and non-union," Duffy said in the statement. 
Don't you just wanna cram the words "celebrating the American worker" down Sean Duffy's throat?

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