Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Walker Idea....

Couldn't have said it better. From the Wausau Daily Herald editorial:
In his new budget, Gov. Scott Walker envisioned a far more utilitarian role for the
university: "to meet the state's workforce needs." The result, in fewer than half as many words, was a stark, cold vision of the university as a machine, churning out skilled laborers tailored to the needs of industry. 

The Walker Idea is an ideological subversion of the university's ethos, away from service to society and toward service of the interests of the economic elite. These changes shrink the university's boundaries rather than expand them. The soul of the Wisconsin Idea — the search for truth — is jettisoned entirely. The Walker Idea is tantamount to an existential assault on the UW System, reducing it to a mere cog in the machine of unrestrained capitalism. 

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  1. Could you develop a map, with dated points, showing where our governor is? I don't miss him, but if the government requires attendance report for others, I'd like to know where he is.