Thursday, February 5, 2015

Republicans gunning for elimination of 48 hour “cooling off period” for handgun purchases: “If someone is intent on…murder, they will find a way to do it, be it a bat, knife….”

I'm hoping this isn't going over well with conservative voters. This daffy and radicalized imposter party that calls itself the Republican now wants to put loaded guns into the hands of pissed off abusers, neighbors, and party goers because, well, they don’t believe a 24 hour cooling off period is “a viable argument.” Nothing dangerous here. Below is the shocking press release from Rep. Jesse Kremer that presents three bizarre ideas:

1. Kremer is calling it a “time tax,” and we know how much Republicans hate taxes. So get rid of it. It’s all marketing folks, that’s what it is.

2. “Cooling down” periods are silly, no one should have to wait.

3. Local gun shops say raging gun owners may lose the dire to buy a gun. Getting rid of the waiting period will benefit them and their raging customers. What could go wrong?
“Yesterday, legislation to eliminate the 48 hour waiting period for handgun purchases … added to state law in 1976, prior to the implementation of statutory background checks. This antiquated, two day waiting period amounts to a time tax on Wisconsin businesses and consumers, forcing wasted time and money when background checks are often completed within an hour.”

“I understand that opponents of this legislation will argue that the two day period is an essential ‘cooling off’ period; However, I do not consider this a viable argument. If someone is intent on committing the crime of murder, they will find a way to do it — be it with a bat, knife or an illegally purchased weapon,” states Rep. Kremer.
Shockingly, Kremer is concerned about gun shops making money, screw the dead spouse and kids:
“In speaking with local businesses, the elimination of this waiting period will be a huge benefit to them and their customers, while still keeping the necessary checks in place to help prevent guns from falling into the hands of criminals.” 
Congratulations to those in the 59th Assembly District. I hope everyone in Southern Calumet, Western Sheboygan, Northern Washington and Eastern Fond du Lac Counties let their Representative know how great this idea is.

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