Monday, February 23, 2015

Confused? Republicans argue Right-to-Work will Raise Wages and end up creating more Unions.

How do you know Republicans are lying about the benefits of right-to-work?

After listening to primary winner Republican Duey Stroebel on WPR this morning, I was struck by his reasoning.

He's telling us right-to-work will raise wages - which they oppose, and increase unionization - which they also oppose.

Think about it, businesses are telling Republicans they're ready and willing to move to Wisconsin once right-to-work is in place, because I can only assume, they can't wait to pay their employees more and become union shops.

They also expect us to believe that if unions do a really great job serving their members, conservative employees will gladly pay their union dues, instead of freeloading off everyone else on principle.

And finally, shouldn't conservative jobs seekers go elsewhere if they get an offer from a union shop? After all, isn't that what Republicans say we should do when we don't like the offered wages and benefits? No ones forcing us to work at a union shop. Just wondering.

Here's Republican Duey Stroebel, replacing Glenn Grothman, who makes all the above points:

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  1. Same pitch by lobbyist from Mackinaw Center at the RTW hearing. Live streaming.