Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Democratic Senators Chris Larson and Bob Wirch accuse Right-to-Work Corporate Cowards for hiding from the public.

State Senator Chris Larson confronted Steve Nass about "not seeing a single person that hasn't gotten money from the Bradley Foundation." That money provides cover for the donors pushing right-to-work. Nass defended anonymous Big Businesses, saying they were fearful of blowback, boycotts and retaliation by those unhappy with the legislation. But Larson and Sen. Bob Wirch said that was nothing new to them as legislators, so RTW cowards should stop hiding behind their front groups.

All of the business owners who appeared at the hearing speaking out against RTW put their names and companies on the line as well. Wirch reminded Nass how Republicans exacted their own retaliation against the Capitol protesters with regulations, arrests and fines. Nass had no comeback.

The massive protests in 2011 were blowback for Act 10, but Walker framed that uprising as intimidation. Public dissent, a 1st Amendment right, is now defined as intimidation.

the Bradley Foundation?
One of the country's largest and most influential right-wing foundations, the Bradley Foundation is known for ... providing funding for a host of right-wing organizations, Bradley President/CEO Michael W. Grebe contributes to publications and "academic" research aimed at legitimizing far-right policy positions ... private school vouchers, faith-based social services, welfare reform … and a strong belief in personal responsibility." 

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