Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh, that's what Slick Scott Walker was saying about not dealing with right-to-work...

On top of his embarrassingly long string of non-answers, Scott Walker is now offering this convoluted explanation about his disinterest in right-to-work...according to jsonline's Dan Bice:
The famous Walker shrug.
Gov Scott Walker said Tuesday that his May 2012 pledge to "do everything in my power" to block right to work legislation was intended to apply only to his first term -- a statement that he didn't make explicit at the time.
Of course that's what he meant. The scariest part of this? His backers love this line of flip floppy bullshit.

It's also a game and source of Walker pride:
"I didn't denounce any of my support (for RTW) in the past. You all asked me 100 different questions to see if I would, and I didn't," Walker said.

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