Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Republicans Darling and Nygren accuse UW of "divisive politics," for defying Walker's demands!!!

Wisconsin's Republican authority has now decided to vilify the non-compliant. Anyone who defies Scott Walker's brand of coercion is "bringing Washington politics to Madison," whatever the hell that means. Yes, it's the GOP targets who are at fault:
jsonline: University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank is "bringing Washington politics to Madison," the co-chairs of the state's budget-writing Joint Committee on Finance said Wednesday.

"Gov. (Scott) Walker is offering autonomy and more flexibility in his budget proposal and instead of support, the governor and legislature are being met with divisive politics," Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) said in their statement.
Divisive Politics? It's the "I know you are but what am I" defense: Walker's latest and most dramatic shredding of state government is a purity political thing for him, which he intends to use against his opponents in his campaign for president. And yet, Chancellor Blanks is the political one, who has the nerve to negotiate:
The lawmakers said Blank's position — actively opposing the $300 million in budget cuts attached to proposed new autonomy for the UW System — is "a stark contrast" from former chancellor Biddy Martin.
Like all women chancellors are all the same? And don't forget to play the "hate Obama" card:
Darling and Nygren said, "This difference begs the question: Is the current chancellor and former Obama appointee playing politics with our state's universities? In the future, we hope to have an open and honest dialogue with the System about the budget, as no constructive conversation will come from bringing Washington politics to Madison."
What a wonderful way to start a constructive conversation.  


  1. John, (and readers) if you have the time, check out this Blogtalk radio discussion out of Janesville. It's long, but in it you'll hear a GOP operative explain what a brilliant leader Walker is to throw the $300M cut on the table with no direction but to imply the UW system to "fight amongst yourselves." It's like Vos, Darling and Nygren are keeping the UW directors occupied at the front door while their toadies are lighting fires at the back door and satellite colleges.

    There are other issues including the GOP's narrative on RTW and more. It's long but worth the trouble.

  2. Saw this on Wheeler and my first thought was, "Wow, this is so lacking in self-awareness that they must be counting on none of their constituents actually reading their press release." Kinda surprised MJS ran with it. At some point this kind of thing sinks below the dignity of their offices and they just get laughed off the stage right? Soon, maybe?

    Calling faculty lazy? Not divisive politics.
    Going on a twitter rant about the "dramatic increase in UW tuition over the last 25yrs," and conveniently ignoring the role of cuts to state aid, pitting students against faculty/administration? Not divisive politics.
    Conflating the operating budget with the "total UW System budget" to misleadingly minimize the size of your proposed cut? Not divisive politics.
    Mandating a tuition freeze, and not even not backing it up with enough funding to cover inflation, but cutting from both ends, driving away top faculty, diminishing the quality of instruction, and then acting like you're some kind of populist hero? Not divisive politics.
    Providing a context-free "but Doyle did it first!" excuse every damn time you do something to diminish the quality of life in WI? Not divisive politics.
    Crossing out the WI Idea and "the search for truth," then lying about it, throwing a never-to-be-named (nonexistent) staffer under the bus, and then moving on like nothing ever happened? Not divisive politics.
    Expecting a 26-campus, 150,000-student higher ed system to be able to completely reorganize itself and absorb a 13% cut in state aid with about 120 days notice… and do it with a smile on their face? Not divisive politics.

    …but heavens to betsy if at some point in your career you had something to do with President Obama! Then you're just divisive by definition.

  3. Also remember that these are the same guys who made the LFB score an absurd scenario last September that involved tons of revenue growth, but no increase in expenses. This is what led to the "$535 million surplus" lie that Walker used near the end of the campaign.

    Oh, but the UW-Madison giving their side of the story on what the Governor's cuts will do? Now that's going too far, because that hurts their precious feelings.

    This type of act is why I can't stand today's Wisconsin GOP. No class or ethics at all.

  4. I listened to Blogtalk and difficult to listen to. So much misinformation, especially on the affordable care act.

    Anytime a guy brings up socialism, in this case about the UW, you know the guy is full of shit and out to get em.

    The other two people knew a little, but not enough to make the operative look like a complete bullshitter. You were right, he was quite clear about pitting the different UW campuses against each other. A common Walker theme.

  5. lufthase- I hope even their own supporters are starting to get a clue as to their endgame.

    Nice list of examples too.