Thursday, February 12, 2015

Walker’s in London! So he can’t even comment on teaching Creationism and Evolution in Wisconsin schools…to Wisconsin reporters?

Scott Walker’s trip to London has become a disaster due to his own bag of media tricks. He’s finding out the press outside the state and outside the country aren't the dupes he’s normally bamboozles in Wisconsin.

The fact that Walker won’t even answer questions from state reporters about our own state schools teaching evolution and creationism tells us two things; he can't think too quickly on his feet, and second, doesn't like questions he hasn't crafted a non-response to. And no ones buying his "promote Wisconsin" tour excuse. 

And far be from me to suggest this preachers son and anti-science/education zealot wouldn't back creationism in our schools, especially the voucher kind. Let's face it, voucher's are the life blood of  religious teaching on the taxpayer dime. jsonline: 
For the second straight day on his London trip, Gov. Scott Walker Thursday focused on Wisconsin exports like Colby cheese and declined to give his views on foreign policy or evolution.

In a conference call from Great Britain with Wisconsin reporters, Walker also would not answer whether he thought Wisconsin schools should teach evolution, creationism or both and declined to say whether he would eventually state his views on evolution in his likely presidential campaign.
Our incidental governor doesn't like new questions:
Walker said that he wasn't asked about evolution by reporters in four years as governor and that this showed it wasn't really an important part of his job despite the sudden "fascination with the question." "The media tends to be distracted by issues that aren't really issues of the day," Walker said.
But teaching creationism is important if Walker is going to make education in Wisconsin our own, which could mean anything. Other states have introduced the "science" of creationism.

Here's the original offending comment from Walker. After watching this, it's even worse than reported:

That's our Walker. He doesn't answer questions, period:
However, in an interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Daniel Bice during Walker's 2010 run for governor, the governor was asked about evolution. Walker said then he believed that God had created the world but didn't specify whether that meant evolution was absent from the process or still a part of it.
Here's a recent example showcasing Walker's amazing ability to not answer questions, and the media settling for less eventually.


  1. And this different from Obama how?

  2. He does have one point...

    WHERE THE HELL WAS THE WISCONSIN MEDIA ON THIS QUESTION THE LAST 5 YEARS? It shows just how much of a cocoon this guy has been allowed to stay in due to the paid-off losers that "report" the "news" in this state.

    Ya ain't in Tosa anymore, Scotty.