Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Education..it's Public, stupid.

What nobody seems to be talking about is the obvious and underlying reason we guarantee a free public education in the first place; it's a social benefit that serves everyone. That's the reason it's in our constitution. Our university system is in there too, and affordable thanks to public support, by every taxpayer.

That's the fatal flaw in Scott Walker's plan to cut $300 million from the UW and make it more autonomous; college won't be affordable anymore. The same goes for his K-12 cuts. The eventual spread of vouchers and rise of family education savings accounts for K through 12 will shift the burden onto parents, and only parents, for what was once free.

But that's okay because many, mostly Republicans and businesses, will get to freeload off the backs of those who can least afford it. And the wealth gap will get even wider.

Since no one is bringing this up, I can only assume what I'm saying is old fashioned and outdated. The idea that we pay forward is so...yesterday.

I think the School Administrators Alliance said it best with this:
While Gov. Walker continues to boast about Wisconsin’s high ACT test scores, graduation rates and other measures of educational excellence, those results have actually been made possible by generations of Wisconsin citizens investing in a quality system of public schools.


  1. Thank you for contradicting yourself. First you say education is supported "by every taxpayer." Then you say it is "free." Well which is it? Nothing is free. If you want your children to be "educated" or "indoctrinated," keep telling them what to think instead of teaching them how to question everything and think for themselves. Ever read a book? You might want to try it.

  2. You are really that dense...and repeating something that other conservatives love to throw out there says so much about you. Try thinking for yourself, ask questions.

    "Free" means you don't pay a fee to get into the school. No admission. Doh!

    Schools indoctrinate students into...what? I'm so tired of that mindless talking point. And parent home schooling/religious schools don't? You're willing to give your tax dollars to them? What part of education scares you?

    Read a book? Looks like you got me with that clever one.

  3. I do think for myself. I've asked more questions than you which is why I don't waste all my valuable time complaining about republicans as if that is going to accomplish anything. "Free" is not about paying a "fee." Teachers don't work for free, the floors don't clean themselves, the electricity doesn't just happen. Somebody pays for it, and as you already admitted, it is paid for by the taxpayers.

    Schools don't indoctrinate students. Politicians do. And into what you ask? Brain dead mindless obedient workers who regurgitate useless information. How many teachers taught you how to question authority? Or the history of money and banking? Or what really happened during the American Revolution or in Europe during WWII? Did they ever teach you WHY Hitler tried to expel the jews? Or how to run a business or meet a payroll? How much of what you learned in k-12 do you actually use in your day to day life? Did they teach you how to fix a flat tire?

    The difference with home schooling is that the parent takes responsibility for their children rather than just handing them off to the state. Something libtards would never ever want... responsibility.

    Taxation is theft. Pure and simple. Most people who aren't indoctrinated morons would rather keep their money and decide where it should go, rather than allow the state to steal it from them through the threat of violent force. Do you really believe the government knows how to run your life better than you do?

  4. Oh wait now i get it. I finally understand.

    9 + 6 = 15!

    Why didn't they just say that 9 is really 10 but with the 6 split into 1 and 5?

    Yay public education!


  5. Can you cite the reference in the US Constitution stating that a free education is guaranteed?

  6. Please disregard if duplicated.
    Can you cite the constitutional reference guaranteeing free education?

  7. Never mind. I believe you are referring to the state constitution, not the US constitution.

  8. Don't you get it? Public education is socialism. Mass transit is socialism. Obamacare is socialism. Regulating Wall Street is socialism. Inoculating children against the measles is socialism. Forcing food service workers to wash their hands after taking a dump is socialism.

    And if today's Republicans are anything, it's anti-social.

  9. Anonymous...whoever, you are perfect. Still don't get the free concept. Oh well.

    Home schooling parents take responsibility, but parents with kids in public schools don't? You are an asshole aren't you? So perfect too.

    Taxation isn't theft. It pays for our quality of life. If it's too nice here in WI, there are very low tax states to go to. Don't take my state away, change yours.

    No one ever said government knows how to run anybodies life, another mindless talking point. Give it up. I'm liberal and I control my own life. How odd?

  10. Kids are being taught a curriculum that is independent of Common Core, like the math problem. The math questions making the Facebook rounds make adults look stupid, for not getting it. Kids are taught this and more. Just because you don't get it doesn't make it bad, it just tells me you don't have an open mind or understand progress.

  11. Paul, thank you. Can you imagine the world these guys would be happy wallowing in?

  12. Okay so in Paul's world, everything is socialism and republicans are sick of it. go figure. Next time have an argument to make because I already knew that.

    And yes I do get the free concept which isn't free. You obviously do not since you always whine and complain about how all your big social programs are being cut. hmmm maybe they weren't really free after all and the bills are coming due now. Ever think of that? Did you produce anything of value today or did you just whine about republicans again?

    Calling me an asshole. Way to go genius. That really gets your point across. I don't live in Wisconsin so you don't need to worry about me taking it away. I would never want to live with so many morons. I already live in one of the highest taxed states and let me tell you... if you think it pays for anything besides interest on debt you are deluded. Try some more of that common core math. I'm glad you are happy with your quality of life. I hope it stays that way. I really do. But when it changes, I'm sure you'll just blame republicans. That should solve all your problems.