Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Senate Hearing ignores opposition to Right-to-Work by Private Businesses!!!

Right-to-work hit the fan today at the state Capitol. About 2000 protesters turned out to "intimidation" Governor Walker, hoping he would give in to their demands. Leaders don't back down though.

Like when he's been caught in a lie. Upfront with Mike Gousha dug this golden moment up:

The next clip from All in with Chris Hayes is a must see for everyone, especially Democrats...everywhere. The Progressive's Ruth Conniff said what every Democrats should say every time they get in front of a camera or microphone. We need to tell voters what the Republicans have done and why. This is how we change minds, go on the offensive, and give voters a reason to vote for Democrats. Memorize it:

Here's a detailed look at the local coverage from WISC and WKOW:

One of the most hard hitting speeches came from 34 year old Paul Christensen, owner of H&H Construction, who as a Republican voter, is unhappy to see his party interfering with his own personal choices and business decisions. The big takeaway? Unions that now pay for extensive training and apprenticeships will now be paid for by taxpayers:

Hearing Abruptly Ends: Our brave Big Government Republicans decided they'd had enough, and appeared to suddenly fabricate a union threat to disrupt the hearing, ending it abruptly. That left an angry room full of speakers who waited all day for their chance to address their senators. Again, these are all private businesses coming out against RTW:
At 6:20 p.m. Nass ended the hearing, saying union members had threatened to disrupt the hearing. Dozens of people who had been waiting all day to speak leapt to their feet, shouting profanities at the Republicans.

The committee chair, Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, said he was concerned a planned protest would become unsafe. Nass cited an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying union groups planned to peacefully protest the end of testimony at 7 p.m., calling that a credible threat to the safety of the people at the hearing.

Mixing in the crowd of protesters, right-to-work proponent Republican Rep. Samantha Kerkman shook hands and enjoyed her time in the rotunda. And in the hearing today, Dr. Gordon Lafer of the Economic Policy Institute made his case:

Here's Big Ed Schultz and John Nichols:

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