Thursday, February 19, 2015

Walker ends the long Menominee tribes journey to put a Casino in Kenosha, by not having enough time to meet with them.

Scott Walker just gave the nation another frightening look at his governing style. As reported below, Walker said they can protest all they want, but he believes in his convictions, and he thinks he's on the right side of the argument.

So much for the 1st Amendments "right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Oops, looks like Walker lined that out already, like he did with the UW's Wisconsin Idea. It's worth a try I guess.

So add killing the Menominee casino in Kenosha to the long list of bad job and revenue killing decisions by Scott Walker. It was obvious from the start, that he would play the locals for election year saps, take whatever votes he could steal, and then spectacularly blow up the deal. And we acted surprised? Unlike the 9 competing casinos in the Green Bay area, the densely populated southern corridor has only one, in Milwaukee. How fair is that?

The Menominee tribe did everything they could...and more. I've documented the 160 mile trek in freezing temperatures and failed attempt to meet with Walker below. Disgusting behavior from our smirking governor. Thanks to WISC, WKOW, and TMJ4:

TMJ 4 described Walker perfectly in the clip below; defiant! Walker's two sons, Matt and Alex, are as politically cold as their father, whining about the protests in front of their home that now houses their grandparents. I guess it never occurred to them either that protests aren't normal, and that elected officials must be doing something wrong to bring people out in the coldest of temperatures.   

WisPolitics: Hundreds of Menominee tribal members and others packed the Capitol Rotunda Wednesday in a last-ditch effort to convince Walker to reverse his decision. But a governor's spokeswoman responded by pointing to the letter Walker sent the tribe earlier this week. "We had hoped this trek would show him this is not a game for the Menominee people," Menominee Chairman Gary Besaw said.
Reportedly, Walker was there, but didn’t give them the common curtesy of a quick meeting to hear them out or explain his position privately. Listening is not a Walker talent, but dictating…of course:
Following the rally, Besaw walked to the governor's office, but was told he could not enter and that there was no one available to meet with him. 


  1. Governor Tommy Thompson would always listen to constituents. Is Scott Walker too busy listening to Koch Brother's marching orders?

  2. Although I never voted for him, for a republicon King Tommy wasn't the worst. scottie ain't no Tommy.