Saturday, February 28, 2015

Video: Republican Sen. Fitzgerald admits RTW will lower wages, not raise them as claimed.

Let's say I was surprised, even impressed that the press core asked all the right questions for once. Unfortunately, it's moments like the one below that end up on the cutting room floor so to speak.

Spotlighting the failure of supply side economics pushed by Scott Walker and the plundering pirates under the Capitol dome - business tax cuts, tort reform, deregulation - reporters focused on Sen. Scott Fitzgerald's word salad avoidance of clearly admitting right-to-work and repeal of the prevailing wage rules will lower wages, period. That will save money, all the while taking money out of peoples pockets and the general revenue fund.

The video is an example of what happens when Republicans have to answer an actual followup question, and another, and another, instead of changing the subject. We get the truth:
February 25, 2015 - Immediately after the Wisconsin State Senate passed SB 44, a so-called Right-to-Work bill, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald held a press conference. When arguing for the bill on the floor Fitzgerald claimed that the bill would open the door to more job creation, but at the press conference he admitted that the effects would be to depress wages and "take pressure off the transportation fund."
How long will we be living out this delusional ideology?

Intentional Deception: There are times when I think Republicans just don't know enough about an issue to manage it well or provide a solution. There are also times I think they're just lazy, and don't want to work. After watching Fitzgerald answer the reporters questions? It's all a grand deception!

Killing Consumer Demand and Jobs: This negatively impacts consumer demand, reduces take home pay, and lowers discretionary spending. It doesn't just lower our standard of living even more, but cuts general revenue, resulting in more spending cuts in the future.

Did you ever live down the street from the stinkiest family in the neighborhood? I did, but I didn't have to move in with them. Well, it looks like that option is off the table now.

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