Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Are Democrats kidding? Nothing on cuts to UW and State Parks? Really?

I've searched the Wheeler Report and WisPolitics and came up with ZERO press releases by Democrats outraged over the defunding of the UW and state parks today. NOT ONE.

Instead, they're backing a GOP idea to expand Medicaid and coming out against their own constituents for protesting Scott Walker's Wauwatosa home.

Democrats haven't promised to repeal any of Scott Walker's changes. They haven't promised to fund or take back the UW if its given autonomy. They haven't promised to do anything. They just react and disappear.

And like all despotic groups, the Republicans have filled the void left by our invisible and battered Democratic Party.

On a side note: Can we all agree the 20th Senate District has the dumbest low information voters in the entire state?

They went from favorite Glenn Grothman to Lord Voldemort Duey Stroebel (nearly 70% of voters), a guy so dim he never could figure out why big cities needed more time for voting than those sparsely populated small towns and villages.


  1. Democrats are frozen. Not just in Wisconsin but nationwide. They either don't know what they're facing, are in total denial, or just don't know how to message. They have a sound platform but don't know how to deliver it, and when they do, they sound as disconnected as the bad optics looks. Walker and wisgop are torching the state again and some of these dems are writing bills to restrict weeds growing in sidewalk cracks. You know what I mean?

    Their best excuse is to plea clueless.

  2. I agree. There are times I don't even post because it's so frustrating. It's been difficult to understand how the Democrats can just sit on the sidelines passionless. No fight and no conviction. By saying nothing, Dems are giving voters the impression the GOP should remain in charge.