Friday, February 27, 2015

Media false equivalency; Walker's ISIS comparison to protesting Wisconsinites not the same as a simple sign at rally.

Scott Walker won't apologize for insulting protesting Wisconsinites and comparing them to ISIS, that's for sure.

So the media instead is insinuating the union leaders should apologize for a random accusatory sign seen at protest rallies, like calling Walker a terrorist. Sorry, not buying it.

A random individuals opinion on a sign does not compare to Walker. He likened protesters, Wisconsinites exercising their 1st Amendment rights, to ISIS.

Since when does a protesters, with no power, apologize to a guy who could crush him like an ant and make his life a living hell (he's already doing that).

It's almost surreal watching the media pressure those getting trampled by Scott Walker to apologize. They absolutely mad!!!

The Journal Sentinel's Patrick Marley's whole article titled "Terrorist rhetoric has emerged before among Walker, adversaries" made the following point:
Betsy Kippers, president of the teachers union Wisconsin Education Association Council, also decried Walker's remark. "It's disgusting that Governor Walker would compare everyday heroes — educators — to international terrorists," her statement said. "It shows the depths he will sink to in order to promote his own self-interest."

But the roles have at times been reversed. About 2,000 people showed up at the Capitol on Wednesday … Yon Yonsen … quietly stood near the Senate chamber for hours holding a giant photo of Walker that was labeled "Domestic Terrorist.
The roles can never be reversed. A regular citizen is not equal to a governor. WKOW's Greg Neumann suggested the same thing at the end of this clip:

Governor Walker himself has been compared to terrorists and even Adolf Hitler by union protesters in the past. 27 news asked the union leader who appeared with Yackel Friday if she should denounce those actions as well. “We have never done that - nor will we ever. Thank you,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, with Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

To be clear, Bloomingdale was saying her union never brought those signs, but she also refused to answer whether she would denounce those actions by others.


  1. The analogy isn't even right. I didn't realize the murderous thugs of ISIS are the same as an economic terrorist .

    What a pathetic job by the paid-off media in this state. They really want to write those Walker books, don't they?

  2. Yeah, media loves Scott Walker and aa a story and does not want him to die just yet. Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post is peddling a variation this crap too.