Thursday, February 5, 2015

Walker's Supply Side Failure continues; Tax Cut deficits means never-ending spending cuts!!!

My original title for this blog post was, "Walker’s tax cut revenue shortages creates false choice for more cuts, to education and Public Radio/TV funding."

Scott Walker is intent on proving supply side austerity politics is infallible. If tax cuts fail to produce revenue, then just make more spending cuts. Kind of an endless downward cycle we're supposed to believe isn't a sign of failure. 

A reporter once asked about this, what he saw as a very big flaw in GOP policy. And to this day, Republican Sen. Alberta Darling’s answer has stayed with me. Here’s the audio proof:

Take Walker's plan to end funding for public radio and TV. He either assumes we're all pretty stupid, or we haven't paid any attention for the last 30 years watching Republicans try to destroy public media, including Big Bird. If you believe Walker, that's silly...:
Scott Walker said his decision to cut funding to public broadcasting is about balancing priorities. He said the move isn't personal.

“I don’t have anything against public broadcasting, but my bottom line is if I had to choose between putting money there or keeping money in our public schools, putting money into Medicaid, for us that was a priority,” said Walker.
Odd, those are both areas he's trying desperately to cut. But we wouldn't really have to choose if tax cuts worked the way Republicans say they work; by increasing revenues. In fact both tax and spending cuts appear to have reached a saturation point, creating large projected deficits.

Cuts to WPR and WPT sound like a done deal:
Republican state Rep. Dale Kooyenga told Wisconsin Public Radio host Joy Cardin on Wednesday morning the cuts can be made up.
“I am positive that the value of your product will definitely lead to more fundraising and innovation to get to that budget gap,” said Kooyenga.
Kooyenga isn't going to lose any sleep over this one, unless...
He said if the public calls for more funding for public broadcasting, he'd consider amending the budget.

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