Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cruel Republican health care alternative favors profits over life.

While radical groups around the world exact the cruelest most violent punishments on their fellow citizens, not so far behind and catching up are those in the now radicalized Republican Party. The difference is we have a more “civilized” way of destroying lives; denying them lifesaving health care, guns, and deregulating environmental rules that prevent premature American deaths.

I’m not seeing much difference in either group’s complete disregard for life. 

Which brings me to Paul Ryan’s recent comments that reflect not just a lack of empathy, but a cynical joy knowing millions of individuals and families will be faced with losing their health care security, just to prove his point. It wasn't so long ago Republicans were outraged that some people lost their doctor and insurance plans because of "ObamaCare." Now losing your doctor and health care insurance via a Supreme Court decison…well, that's okay.

Make no mistake, the pain and suffering - even death- many will experience due to the lack of health care coverage is a cold deliberate Republican assault on the very people they were elected to serve:

Yes, emotion is bad to this complete sociopath.  
Just weeks before the Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments challenging the legality of subsidies issued by federally run health insurance exchanges, Republicans have made it clear that they don't intend to lift a finger to fix the law should those subsidies be invalidated.

"No," said House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) last week when asked if Republicans had a contingency plan for a court decision that works within the confines of Obamacare. "[T]he idea is not to make Obamacare work better or to actually authorize Obamacare. The idea is to show what our alternative to Obamacare looks like in these states."
Here's my summary of the GOP health care plan:
1. Ryan’s vision of an "alternative" treats cancer, accidental injury, viral and bacterial infections and chronic illnesses, like a consumer product you shop around to get treatment for. 
2. It allows stripped down “affordable” junk policies containing small legal print that will exempt them from paying for coverage.

3. It wrongly says you can negotiate lower rates with large insurance companies as an individual, while doing away with smarter and cheaper group policies.

4. And it also provides big government subsidies and a whole list of convoluted regulations geared for private sector profits. It’s no accident Republican governors took the expanded Medicaid dollars because they found a way to steer it into the more expensive private sector.
Still not convinced Republicans are deliberately allowing people to suffer or die by denying health care?
One prominent Republican House member was even more unequivocal about the potential loss of subsidies. "[People] were never entitled to them," said the member, who spoke candidly with reporters on condition of anonymity.

Asked if he'd amend the language in Obamacare's controversial clause in exchange for other Republican priorities, the member didn't skip a beat. "It's not a question of compromise," he said. "Obamacare has failed ... If the president and the Congress that passed this on a partisan-only basis did it wrong, then they hoist themselves on their own petard."
In Wisconsin, Scott Walker and his Republican pirates broke up the unions with a "partisan only" vote for Act 10. Kinda kills that argument, doesn't it?

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