Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Walker voters back dismantling Public Education for a $5 a year property tax savings, a new low.

Scott Walker voters are getting easier to pay off; from $32 to just $5. But that's not all.

It’s also easy to take advantage of teachers, who’s calling in life is to help As disturbing as that would seem to any normal human being, it’s not disturbing enough for conservative Republican true believers.

Scott Walker bragged about doing just that when he said Act 10 didn't end up destroying public education after all. See, our dedicated public school teachers didn't quit their jobs or lose the passion they feel educating our kids. We knew we could take advantage of them.
Walker: “Recently, some have raised concerns about this (UW) proposed reform. These are some of the same claims we heard four years ago when our Act 10 reforms were enacted. Today, our graduation rates are higher, third grade reading scores are better, and Wisconsin ACT scores are second best in the country.
Never mind the endless hour’s teachers spend at school and at home devising better ways to capture the imagination and interest of their students. Or the roll out of Common Core standards and the ever changing advanced teaching methods used to broaden a child’s understanding of math, science, reading, etc. It's Walker's magical belief system that has made the difference. 

Walker’s odd answer to higher graduation rates and higher reading and ACT scores is to make massive changes to something he brags isn't broken. 

Ideologically it makes perfect upside-down sense to toss 4 years and tens of millions of dollars away that were invested in improving public education. Walker's into expanding a 25 year Milwaukee voucher experiment that hasn't improved a thing, and trolling for untrained "life experienced" teachers. That's just smart.  

Republican hatred for public education is based on those sneaky "liberal" teachers indoctrinating our students. As we know, private schools would never think to do that, with either religion or conservative orthodoxy online, at home or in their church classrooms. 

If all it takes is a mere $131 reduction in property taxes since 2010 ($32 a year), and another 5 dollar savings in each of the next two years to buy their loyalty, god help us.     


  1. Woah! Slow down there cowboy. Let me see if I can count all the assumptions you just made.

    All Republicans hate public education.
    All Republicans think all teachers indoctrinate students.
    Private schools are bad.
    Anything related to religion is bad.

    I better keep it brief for now. Just one question. Why do you keep making so many assumptions?

  2. The very achievements in education that Walker now brags about were always there[ ACT/SAT ALWAYS IN THE TOP 3 AND GRADUATION RATES WERE ALWAYS AMONG THE NATIONS BEST]YET HE CLAIMED FOR 4 YEARS OUR SCHOOLS WERE FAILING AND DEMEANED AND DENIGRATED TEACHERS AS THE BLAME! The true effects of ACT 10 will soon show as a demoralized teaching force overwhelmed with budget cuts leaving few resources, money going to private schools and teachers having no financial future with a eye popping 1% of inflation annual pay raise for the rest of their careers! Anybody wonder why enrollment in teacher programs in Wisconsin are down by 50%?

  3. Why? Because that's the list Republican use to trash our very good public school system.

    Private schools are bad, and only a few are as good, so that justifies having two school systems? You must be one of those "fiscal conservatives" that spend and borrow all the time. The GOP wanted to kill Head Start because it didn't seem to make much of a difference. So how can they now back vouchers?

    Read up and learn. I have.