Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Republican Ghouls eat up McKenna's Grotesque Offerings...

After some deliberation, I decided to show you what talk radio's Vicki McKenna is posting on her Facebook site. Guess it helps to feed pictures like this into the frightened crowd of gun toting cowards. Just like my former conservative friend sending me an unwelcome picture of a beheaded ISIS prisoner, I'm getting the uneasy feeling right wingers get off on this stuff.


  1. Interesting fact you should know about most gun owners... they aren't frightened and most of them aren't cowards. They're just smart enough and responsible enough to know how to defend themselves.

    and just in case you still don't get it...

  2. Gun owners are responsible? That's why Republican legislators continue to right laws protecting gun owners from liability. Gun owners can't follow the law and shoot themselves and others.

    Yes, frightened and cowards. How hard is it to understand; you have to be afraid of something in order to justify carrying a firearm. Scared!!!!!!!!!

  3. rabid gun owners dream of a menage a trois with Smith and Wesson.

  4. As I sit here calmly having my guns within arms reach ready to defend myself and loved ones from all the panicky libtards out there who failed to prepare for the complete collapse of the dollar, I find your ignorance and stupidity hilarious.

    Apparently you have absolutely no knowledge about skills with arms.

    I justify ownership of my guns by not being afraid, but by the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded.

    Tell you what, the next time somebody breaks into your house while you are home, just duck and cover. Then tell me how you weren't scared.

    In the meantime, ask a cop on the street what he is so scared about and get back to me and I'll tell you how to heal the black eye you have (if that's all you got).

    Have you ever even been to a communist country? Because I have. You won't like it.

    Seriously though, are you really this stupid?