Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scott Walker: "Fully vaccinated against the Left's class-warfare virus."

First Option; let's pretend there is no such thing as class warfare, and that the income gap is not a sign something is terribly wrong.

Second Option; lets pretend that even though there is a wealth gap, it's okay because they've worked hard for their money and should keep every dime. Poor people don't just envy them, they want to be like them someday instead of having happy middle class lives.

Third and finally Option; we can pretend that tax cuts to the rich and corporate in Wisconsin have made our economy roar with jobs and business growth, outshining all the surrounding states. Oh, and deficits...a thing of the past.

No matter what ridiculous scenario above, the National Review just decided Scott Walker has been inoculated against all of them.
Yes, this is the actual caption.
Governor Scott Walker offers Republicans this secret weapon: a battle-tested executive who is immune to the Richie Rich caricature that Democrats hurl at GOP nominees. Especially opposite Hillary Clinton, Walker — not Jeb Bush — is fully vaccinated against the Left’s class-warfare virus.
What makes Walker stand out as the common man, a neighbor and regular guy propped up by wealthy donors, lobbyists and corporate special interests? Standing with a man out in a field.

And while the story below makes Walker seem unique when compared to Mitt know, a guy who grew up poor with a black and white TV, that by coincidence is my story too, and many others. In fact, my first radio didn't even has a cabinet around it for gods sake,  exposing those hot to the touch, dangerously glowing tubes.
Walker would offer the common touch … His father was a Baptist minister. His mother worked part-time as a clothing-store bookkeeper. “We didn’t realize it until later in life,” Walker has said, “but we were poor.” They had no TV until his father bought a black-and-white set in 1976.
Only if we all could be "more typically American:"
Walker’s lack of a college degree could be an asset. This makes Walker more typically American than either Hillary or Jeb.
Walker's record as governor mirrors the failures of other supply side governors trying to dig their way out of their own self created budget shortfalls, with cuts to education and health care. Oddly, on the right, that a sign of success:
…rally around Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Way, and then unleash him on the Duchess of Chappaqua.

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