Thursday, February 12, 2015

Incidental Governor Walker thinks its impolite to answer foreign policy questions at a foreign policy think tank in London?

Remember when our incidental Gov. Scott Walker uncomfortably dodged the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel questions? I wrote this:
It was the Journal Sentinel's gift to Wisconsinites when their editorial board peppered Walker with a string of tough questions he typically steers clear of. In a surreal, almost comedic Q and A, Walker ducks away every time with his word salad non-answers. Seriously, its as slick a con as you'll ever see.
 He's at it again, this time on a national stage. It was amazing.

At a foreign policy think tank, Walker avoided talking about foreign policy. As the Daily Beast wrote in an article titled "Scott Walker Goes for ‘Bland,’ Ends Up ‘Moronic’ on Evolution Softball:"
He was attempting to bolster his foreign policy credentials by saying nothing at all, and during a question and answer session at a foreign policy think tank he refused to be drawn on whether he believed in evolution.

Scott Walker wanted to avoid a Christie-like mistake during his trip to London this week. He failed.
Thankfully, WKOW's Greg Neumann gave us a chance to see the Wisconsin con man in action. The moderator to a shot our incurious governor:
Moderator: "I mean do you have a sense of the outside world, and how you would want to address it?"

Walker: "It both concerns me as governor and a parent, that I think there are very real threats in this world. Not only around the world, but in our own country."
Walker was talking about threats from protesters and those who don't spew racial jokes in their emails:

The Washington Post wrote this about another Walker embarrassment:
During a Wednesday appearance at the Chatham House think tank, he firmly declined to address a multitude of subjects:
*United Kingdom membership in the European Union.*The fight against the Islamic State.*Whether the U.S. should arm Ukraine against Russia-backed rebels.*His general foreign policy vision.*Whether he believes in evolution.
“I’m going to punt on that one as well,” Walker said in response to the latter, much to the incredulity of Justin Webb of BBC Radio 4. “That’s a question that a politician shouldn't be involved in one way or another. I’m not trying to skirt your question,” Walker said at one point, adding that “for me, commenting on foreign policy or economic policy in a country where you’re a visitor is not the polite thing.” 
Who believes that its not polite to answer foreign policy questions at a foreign policy think tank? Anyone?

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