Monday, February 23, 2015

Scott Walker's non-answers again: Doesn't know Obama is a Christian or that he loves his country.

So Scott Walker missed all the Rev. Wright attacks on President Obama?

He missed the tea party signs and conversation behind closed doors that he’s a Kenyan and a secret Muslim?

And yes, he really thinks we’re that dumb, because this is an old trick that has distanced him from everything that’s scary but on his to-do list.

He’s the incidental governor, and he wants to be your uncommitted president. He’s a rubber stamp for the most extreme agenda, but will say over and over it’s not what he’s focused on.  
WaPo: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a prospective Republican presidential contender, said Saturday he does not know whether President Obama is a Christian.

“I don’t know,” Walker said in an interview at the JW Marriott hotel.

Told that Obama has frequently spoken publicly about his Christian faith, Walker maintained that he was not aware of the president’s religion.

“I've actually never talked about it or I haven’t read about that,” Walker said, his voice calm and firm. “I've never asked him that,” he added. “You've asked me to make statements about people that I haven’t had a conversation with about that. How [could] I say if I know either of you are a Christian?”
Walker voters are soaking in talk radio and Fox News’ fixation on bashing Obama in the most ridiculous irrelevant ways about his religion or patriotism, so what does Walker do? He blamed the media for asking questions that aren't relevant.  
Walker said such questions from reporters are reflective of a broader problem he described as fixated on issues that are not relevant to most Americans. “To me, this is a classic example of why people hate Washington and, increasingly, they dislike the press,” he said. “The things they care about don’t even remotely come close to what you’re asking about. I would defy you to come to Wisconsin. You could ask 100 people, and not one of them would say that this is a significant issue.”
Preposterous and not true at all. But slick Scott Walker does this all the time, and the national media has taken notice.

Caught BSing again, Walker’s campaign called and from perspective, made it worse:
After the interview was completed, Walker spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster telephoned The Washington Post to say the governor was trying to make a point of principle by not answering such kinds of questions, not trying to cast doubt on Obama’s faith. “Of course the governor thinks the president is a Christian,” she said. “He thinks these kinds of gotcha questions distract from what he’s doing....”
Walker’s thinking what worked in Wisconsin will work nationally and internationally. His list of non-answer word salads is growing:
Walker’s comments Saturday came after a week in which he was asked repeatedly whether he agreed with … Giuliani when he said he was not sure whether Obama loves his country. Walker was a guest at the dinner.

“I don’t know, I honestly don’t know, one way or the other,” Walker said. “I've said that 100 times, too.”
Really, he doesn't know if Obama loves his country? This seems like another easy one Walker couldn't handle.

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