Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Walker's crony capitalism ushers in frightening leap into fascism.

Scott Walker made a few brave and bold appointments this week, that prove unqualified donors, lobbyists and purely partisan backers are truly in charge of Wisconsin. It's unapologetic fascism. It's also something a leader like Walker can get away with, as he continues to defeat the liberal-socialist-commie-union-neighborhood organizer-intellectual elites trying bring this country down.  

Big Energy Takes Over #1: Incredibly, the guy who rewrote environmental law in Wisconsin for a mining company that had to put its operations on hold, will now help guide the states fossil fuel utilities. WPR:
Bob Seitz, a contract lobbyist who represented mining company Gogebic Taconite and helped lead the push for a rewrite of Wisconsin's mining laws … will be an executive assistant on the Public Service Commission, an agency tasked with regulating Wisconsin utilities.
Big Energy takes over # 2: Just as jaw dropping, a former executive of Madison Gas and Electric will take over for Mike Huebsch as Secretary of the Department of Administration, "the top job in most governors' cabinets."

We Don't Need No Qualifications: Like Walker's proposal to recruit school teachers on just life experience alone, the most unqualified big talker of them all, Vicki McKenna sidekick and vice WISGOP chair Brian Schimmingwill take his life experience of partisan politics and head up the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. What could go wrong?

For “stand with Walker” voters, the spread of fascism and the instillation of a lobbyists throughout government means whatever the eventual outcome, their principled conservative positions means everyone else can go to hell. Check out Jake's Economic TA Funhouse for more.

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