Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's not Indoctrination that's bad, it's Liberal Indoctrination that's bad.

Over and over again this same scenario is playing out across the country when it comes to right wing indoctrination;
FDLReporter: Karl McCarty, who teaches history and political science at Oakfield High School, invites politicians to speak ... the class hosted Republican Rep. Thomas Petri (and) Ron Johnson who said any of the GOP candidates would be better than President Barack Obama … jsonline: Call this story Oakfield High School's Excellent Republican Adventure. In a whirlwind trip to Iowa, seven students and two recent graduates of the school, shepherded by teacher Karl McCarty and a father of two in the group, drove six hours from Oakfield to Des Moines, met top GOP candidates.
No tea party complaints over this? Or this attempt to intimidate teachers, change curriculum, and outright deny the ugly side of Republican politics:
A suburban high school government class assignment helped students figure out which beliefs align with certain political ideologies has come under fire. A Nathan Hale High School mother took her concerns public after a teacher graded her son as incorrect for assessing the statement, "We should not help the poor, it's a waste of money," as fascist, instead of what the teacher marked as the correct answer: conservative/Republican. Heather Bronnson (said) "No political party espouses not helping the poor, it's ridiculous. Why can't they just teach the basic political spectrum without lying?" Bronnson's postings elsewhere are critical of unions.  
No tea party complaints over this too? The truth is, liberal indoctrination is bad, conservative indoctrination is not. The best example yet showing the twisted pretzel logic of one party exempt from "the rules,"  is this jaw dropping program of blatant indoctrination:
Raw Story: The recent decision on the part of PTR Industries, a gun manufacturer, to move its headquarters from Connecticut to South Carolina has inspired Republican state Rep. Alan Clemmons to propose what he’s calling the “Second Amendment Education Act.” 

As the name implies, the bill would “provide all public elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools” with “instruction in the Second Amendment” for no fewer than “three consecutive weeks in one grading period in each academic year.” The curriculum would be written by the NRA, of course. 

The bill is an example of the crony capitalism the Tea Party says it hates, with the government aiding a friendly and favored industry — or picking winners and losers, as they like to say. 

The communications director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Ladd Everitt, told Al Jazeera that the possibility of the NRA writing a three-week-long curriculum is “a nightmare,” because the organization “endorses an insurrectionist interpretation of the Second Amendment.” 

As if there wasn’t enough of this in South Carolina already, an NRA-penned review of American history would leave millions of children under the impression that the Framers saw the Constitution much the same as the men behind the Confederate States of America.

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  1. Sounds good to me. About time you libtards learned what America is really about. :)