Saturday, February 28, 2015

Walker is taking Wisconsin away from us!!!

This downward spiral, where we see spending cuts that never seems to catch up to the losses in revenue, is turning Wisconsin into something I don’t even recognize anymore. Sadly, this seemingly endless slide still hasn’t caught the attention of conservative voters statewide.

Wisconsin’s supposed problem with high taxes and excessive spending is only true if you think living in Texas, Mississippi or Arkansas would be nirvana; while other states offer choices that would make any conservative orgasm, Walkerites would much rather take the state away from the rest of us. Seriously, who does that?

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau came right out and said so too, when they warned that even with the massive cuts to the UW, state parks, DNR scientists, etc., spending is still up, meaning more cuts are on the way:
Gov. Scott Walker's $68.4 billion budget proposal would … increase state spending over the next two fiscal years, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau. Under the governor's proposal, general-fund spending would increase by 3.2 percent, while overall spending from all funding sources would decrease by 2.4 percent in the 2015-17 biennium.
Expect the same draconian cuts in the next biennial budget. I'll be honest, this time around I didn't they they had anything left to cut, and wow, was I wrong.

On a positive note, I also love it when articles allow for guys like me to embed their interactive graphs in our own blog posts. Here's the LFB's analysis:

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