Thursday, February 26, 2015

Right-to-Work Questions Stump Republicans, prove they're full of S**t!

Democratic Sen. Bob Wirch stumped Republican Scott Fitzgerald when he compared paying dues to Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, to paying dues to a company union. Fitzgerald had nothing. Which tells you one thing; RTW was meant to starve unions, and their support for the Democratic Party. That's it.

Don't forget this moment. It's important in the big picture, and proves GOP policy is driven by the desire to kill the opposition party's source of funding, not manage the government. This time, the private sector businesses got in the way of "big government corporate interests." Video courtesy of the Devil's Advocates Radio program:

Dumb Ron Johnson Stumped too!!! The Devil's Advocates radio show asked Johnson the one question that nobody seemed to be asking, and it was driving me crazy; Job seekers aren't forced to work at a union shop, so why don't they just look for a job somewhere else? It's like someone who doesn't like the pay, benefits or hours? That's freedom and liberty isn't it? 

Johnson didn't just bale abruptly, he fumbled It's really a classic answer - "Freedom:"
Devil's Advocate: "How does that analogy hold up sir?"

Dumb Ron Johnson: "I'm not sure it's a perfect analogy. But again, I' general, I'm for FREEDOM. And the other point to make is, this is a state issue."

Puntttttt!!!! Sorry Ron, choosing not to work at a union shop is FREEDOM. 


  1. The union should not have a say in who the business owner hires or fires. That type of decision is purely between the individual and the business owner. If the union is such a great deal and provides such great benefits then it will not matter if a state is right to work because people would still be happy to join the union.

    Now I do think unions should be released from representing any employees that choose not to participate in the union and that any negotiated benefits should not automatically apply to non union workers. Let people make the decisions for themselves on what is right for them.

  2. No, the union and employer already have an agreement. The job seeker is responsible for knowing if the business has a union. If it does, he can seek employment elsewhere. It's not what you described, separate from the employer, unless you don't get this at all.