Friday, February 20, 2015

"Right-to-work" for less fast-tracked, Walker's Big Government inserts itself into the private sector.

The big not so surprising move by the Republican legislature authority to pass a right-to-work law, inserting government into the private sector, is now getting a big thumbs up from our incidental governor. After right wing low information candidate Duey Stroebel won his primary, with no Democratic opponent, the senate is now confident it can pass right-to-work:
WKOW: In a surprise announcement Friday morning, Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told WTMJ radio he has 17 votes to pass the bill now. He says it will be introduced later in the day and he plans to hold a vote either Wednesday or Thursday.
Walker is now feverishly stacking up his conservative presidential creds to become America's first dictator (think I'm not kidding?).

It's a fire sale: Starving public schools funding, cutting off our public colleges and freeing taxpayers from the burden of owning their own state parks, Walker is leaving government in the control of special interests. All that for a $5 property tax cut savings and bad budgeting. Not even private businesses are exempt from Walker's intrusive oversight:
AP: Gov. Scott Walker backed a surprise move Friday by Republican legislators ... an action the likely 2016 presidential candidate initially said should be delayed to avoid re-igniting massive pro-union protests.
And today, after so many non-answers about his support of right-to-work?
"I've never said that I didn't think it was a good idea. I've just questioned the timing in the past and whether it was right at that time," Walker told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a Friday
True, he never said...anything really.

Remember, Walker's austerity small government vision can't fail, because there's always something else to throw overboard as revenues sink. In the words of Sen. Alberta Darling:


  1. What this really should be called is 'Right to be a Jerk'. With all the jobs that Walker and the Tea BaKKKers say are available why would anyone with an aversion to workplace democracy want to work at a union shop? Just take yourself over to the local RAT shop and get a job there, it is so simple! By doing this a workers low level of skill, intelligence and self won't bring down the wages of those more gifted. Another big plus would be that in working at a RAT shop the anti-union workers skills at being a BOOTLICKER would certainly be appreciated and put to good use!

  2. "In a surprise announcement Friday morning"
    Nope. Anyone - media included - who is surprised by any of this hasn't been paying attention.
    Walker-endorsing public sector unions suddenly find their hoped-for 17% increases snatched away from them.
    Private sector unions are now in the cross-hairs.
    If I've read the information on this proposed bill correctly, there are no exemptions. Which means that both Walker-supporting police and fire unions and Walker-endorsing operating engineers unions are not getting the results they expected.
    Surprised? Hasn't anyone seen the Diane Hendricks video?