Monday, August 4, 2014

Westlund Frustration: Voter Confusion, Party Flip Flopping Shenanigans will only help reelect Tea Party rubber stamp Rep. Sean Duffy!

I thought it was funny enough that a Republican/libertarian, who ran as a fake Democrat in a 2010 primary, switched back to Republican so he could primary tea party Rep. Sean Duffy. But that was before I realized an anti-government tea party/libertarian decided to run as a Democrat against Kelly Westlund.

It’s a race the media should be covering but isn’t because everyone assumes Duffy’s newly drawn district makes him a shoo-in. But…

In an amazing headline devoid of any critical thinking whatsoever, “Democrats Vying for 7th Congressional District Oppose Each Other On Most Issues,” it was apparent right away Westlund’s primary opponent was a Republican and/or libertarian zealot posing as a Democrat.

I mean really, what were the clues:
Mike Krsieann is a self-employed design engineer and farmer who wants to cut the size of government. Krsiean wants to phase out Social Security all together. “I want to give young people who have not yet had quite a few years investing in the soon-to-be-failed Social Security system (the) option to opt out.“

Krsiean wants to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the IRS and the Federal Reserve.

Krsiean said the Penokee Hills iron mine needs to go forward for the sake of jobs. “America needs steel,” said Krsiean. “The people of Iron County need jobs.”
Heck, Krsiean’s own twisted reasoning for running as a Democrat is enough to make your head explode:
Krsiean, who has previously campaigned as a Republican and a Libertarian, thought he would run as a Democrat this time. "I think my chances are very good. As a whole, the 7th District has very conservative Democratic values."
Next Tuesday’s primary will give us an idea of just how “Republican” the 7th District is now, by counting the votes from low information Dodo’s that can’t tell the difference between Westlund and Krsiend.  


  1. Krsiean ran independent in 2010 in the 3rd district before redistricting...Get your facts straight. He is a card holding registered Democrat. Are you saying we conservative Dems can't have a candidate? Westlund would be worse than Duffy anyway. After she got in office up north after promising to raise taxes, guess what she voted to raise taxes...I think it's finally time for us to take back the party from the libs. It's an oath to the constitution not the party.

  2. Interesting article. Being a lifelong Conservative Democrat myself, Mr Krsiean sounds a lot like a bunch of us small town Democrats. I looked him up and found he didn't run as a Republican in the third district before his residence was put into the seventh district. He ran Independent. I see he is a card carrying Democract as well. I also found out that Ms. Westlund is backed by the Sierra Club. sp? Tree huggers correct? She wants gun control. Ms Westlund, We hunt and fish in the seventh...Don't you dare take my guns or fishing rights away. Looks like Mr Krsiean is the best choice for us.

  3. Get your facts straight, read the story, it contains the information you say I got wrong...which it isn't.

    Democrat? You're more delusional than I thought. Who's imagining losing their fishing "rights" away. Oh, you're the constitutional scholar, show me the right to fish.

    Hey, I had a business, I must be a Republican. Crazy huh?

    1. Maybe the next picture if Westlund can show her tattoos. That's a more accurate portrayal of how responsible she is. O and I see your unemployed. Living on government assistance? I went to work today to help you out. Your welcome for the assistance.

  4. Tattoos? Ask your "responsible" tattoo laden Republican Harley bikers if Westlund's tattoos are a problem, okay? Yes, I'm unemployed due to radio going satellite and the conservative lock corporate companies have on content. Ratings for conservative talk are down massively, but they're okay with that so far. We'll see is their dead weight will get pink slips.

    My jobs in radio and real estate don't qualify me for unemployment, and haven't collected unemployment for about 30 years or more, dummy. I don't like being an "employee."

    My cleaning business went bust due to Bush's Great Recession. Yea, I'm angry about that still. I make a profit from my rental units. Ouch, looks like you spoke out of your ass. How weird is it that conservatives think they're the business owners? Big talk from an "employee."

    We're a one income household basically, minus my rental money. Talk about being in a bubble world of simple cliches. Thanks for showing the world how silly and empty your arguments are in this debate.

    1. Slumlord huh? What are you talking about bikers like that for? Most of my Harley biker friends don't have tattoos and yes I ride a Harley too. Most won't vote for a gun control advocate like Westlund as most of my friends and have guns. Like the second amendment allows. You sound like a bitter person. Bush didn't take your job away the federal reserve act of 1913 did!!!