Friday, August 1, 2014

Republican Leadership Committee's push for more Activist Conservative Judges and Justices.

In something you’d expect to read from some third world dictatorship, here’s the Republican State Leadership Committee’s idea of “judicial fairness,” where only conservative judges can determine if our laws are constitutional. Plus, these judges and justices are also there to shield everyone else from the liberal agenda, whose backers make up about HALF of the U.S. population. Ah, there’s not a rightwing authoritarian problem here, is there?

The following is not only unsettling, but an escalation of liberal vilification that I fear won’t end well. The tea party has set free the dark paranoid underpinnings of conservatism. From the Walker Authority:
Jill Bader: Backed by the union bosses and old corrupt centers of bureaucratic power, the enemies of the reforms sought to use the court system to thwart Walker’s legislation. They lost. However, yesterday the Wisconsin Supreme Court could have just as easily overturned Walker’s signature legislation. What was the difference in outcomes? Five rule of law conservative judges stood against two activist Democrats on the court … the activist Democrats’ opinions pronounced in today’s ruling betray their true intentions. The liberal Democrat judges use an ends justify the means test- whatever it takes to give the liberal Democrat Party back their centers of power, with no regard for the cost to hard working families.
The constitution protects your pocketbook, and tries to keep the price of freedom down for hard working families? Also, the last line is all projection.

The inner "rightwing authoritarian" isn't shy about politicizing and poisoning the judicial branch of government. They've actually made it sound kind of normal:
Theirs is emphatically not a rule of law test- the proper test followed by the five rule of law Republicans on the court which found Walker’s reforms constitutional

Yesterday highlights the crucial necessity of the Judicial Fairness Initiative. Voters should be given the information necessary to distinguish between rule of law Republican judges and liberal activist Democrat judges. Voters should be provided this information, or the reform legislation their elected representatives pass could be another innovative law struck down by activist courts, as happens every year all across the country. 

JFI is here to stay. It’s here to educate. It’s here to make a permanent impact in our courts. It’s here to protect conservative innovative reforms from liberal judges attempting to act as super legislatures. 
Conservative "innovative reforms?" Republican State Leadership Committee ironically, is bashing liberal activism based on actual conservative activism. See it HERE!

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