Monday, August 18, 2014

Kleefisch Crossbow Madness another Lazy Conservative Shortcut to Kill Deer, shorten Season?

The Walker Authority's deer and hunting policy is in shambles, and isn't getting the kind of press it should. 

With another lousy hunting season behind us (15% decline in harvest), a broken Walker promise to put more deer in the forests, deer herds dwindling, ridiculous public input on deer counts, expanded hunting in state parks, doing away with reporting deer kills at local bars/convenience stores/DNR stations, a White-Tailed Deer Trustee Dr. James Kroll who says people who call for more public hunting opportunities are “pining for socialism,” promote hunting via the fake Koch brothers "United Sportsman" group, and the expansion of private hunting permits that may exacerbate the low deer counts, we've now got to worry about the effects of crossbow hunting mania.

Are bow hunters looking at the expanded crossbow hunting law as another misstep that could have negative unintended consequences? Could be. 

Typically shortsighted Republican Rep. Joel Kleefisch pushed through his lazy crossbow law without any attempt to think things through. Even worse, crossbow hunters got an exemption "from a state law that prohibits hunting within 1,700 feet of a school or hospital." To sell his idea, Kleefisch renamed his crossbow hunting "Assembly Bill 8" to the "Deer Collision Reduction Act." Now I feel better about it.
Check out the following hunters point of view regarding crossbow hunting. WPR
Bill Herrmann of Chippewa Falls, who has been bow hunting for 50 years, said that the accuracy of crossbows gives them a huge advantage over traditional bows, and that he expects high deer kills to eventually lead to shorter crossbow seasons.

Herrmann also said he doesn’t expect many bowhunters to switch over to crossbows just because they’re now able to. “The people that are in archery are dedicated archers. They’re not going to be using crossbows,” Herrmann said. “The people that are going to be using crossbows are the people who don’t want to put in the time and effort to learn how to shoot a bow.”
That describes our lazy, freeloading, public dole Republican lawmakers perfectly. After all, whose got all that time to hunt anymore? 


  1. "Exacerbate" low counts, not "exasperate." Thanks.

  2. Yes, thanks. Had a bad feeling about that word choice.

  3. Have hunted with bow since 1952, also hunted out west, Africa, with bow. Crossbow is only more accurate till 25 yards after that it drops like a stone. If I could still use a regular bow would do that, far easier to use out farther. I have shot at three deer with cross bow, missed all of them . Have shot many deer, Kudu, widlebeest, warthog, Impalra with regular bow. prefer regualr bow but cannot pull back the 85 lbs used to sue. Barely pull 40 lb.