Saturday, August 9, 2014

Krauthammer: Obama tricking GOP into impeaching him for humanitarian effort to save immigrant children.

Conservatives are so removed from reality that they're now blaming Obama for their inside the bubble hysterics. Sue then impeach? Who said that?

The latest surreal Charles Krauthammer column said it all for me:

That's right, Obama is using the GOP lawsuit against him to eventually make Republicans try and impeach him for an executive order John Boehner told him to make to help those homeless immigrant children. What a devious plan. After all, no ones talking impeachment....

...or pushing impeachment talk as described here by Chris Hayes....

But Krauthammer doesn't just suggest Obama is manipulating tea party Republicans into foolishly impeaching him, that scoundrel, but he also implying the president is lying about GOP inaction. Republican's were on it:
Last week, the House of Representatives passed legislation that deals reasonably with this immigrant wave.
Reasonable? In this short 30 second summation by Al Sharpton, I guess the mass deportation of children back to their violent oppressive countries, where they'll starve to death... is reasonable:

Can they really limit the presidents powers? We're seeing  the results of our trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA, which destroyed the economic base those countries depended on. For Republicans, it's a big surprise those displaced workers are now seeking refuge in the U.S..

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