Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Walker’s Abbott Lab’s attack on Mary Burke covered up his own Failure.

We should have known better. Over the top Republican attacks are usually designed to hide their own similar massive failure. That’s what Scott Walker managed to do against Mary Burke.  

Thanks to a little noticed article in the Journal Sentinel by Dave Umhoefer, we're told Rep. Paul Ryan clarified Abbott’s decision not to expand on land Mary Burke set aside in Wisconsin. From Ryan's deceptively titled book, "The Way Forward," Unhoefer reveals:
On page 190, he writes that he's spent years trying to convince a Fortune 100 company to build in Kenosha County, creating up to 12,000 jobs. The company already owns 500 acres here, is unhappy with its current location and needs to expand, so it should be an easy decision, Ryan writes. 

Ryan says he asked the company’s CEO why he wouldn’t build here, and got this answer: "It's not about Wisconsin. I'm not building anywhere in the U.S. My board won't let me do it." Instead, Ryan writes, the big company is expanding in Ireland because the corporate taxes are lower than in the U.S..
All the while Walker lost Abbott to Ohio!!!
As it turns out, Abbott decided to expand twice; they offshored and expanded in Ireland, and even worse for Walker, they chose to expand in Ohio, all during Walker’s business friendly second year as governor. Under Walker's watch. 

Yes, Walker failed to convince Abbott to expand, despite the available land in Kenosha and our new corporate welfare state. 

Attacking Mary Burke was an intentional distraction only a desperate career politician would use to smear a more credible opponent. 

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