Saturday, August 30, 2014

Walker pulls a Palin, starts blaming the main stream media.

The strategy is almost too neatly packaged to be believed. You know how it works; appear on a far right talk show, the host leads the guest (Walker) into a few minutes of media bashing all the while letting the candidate vent their frustrations and play the victim.

It made Sarah Palin the Republicans go-to victim.

Talker Hugh Hewitt asked his leading questions and Walker oddly had his prepared talking points ready to go. Questions like  "Do you thing the lawyers involved should be ethically disciplined;"    "When you look at the nation news media, as they've covered this vendetta against you...:"    "Are they doing it intentionally, are they trying to defeat you? Or are they just stupid about the law...what do you think?"

My take-away from Walker's comments? Newspapers are dying and will print anything, and the headline should have been "Failed argument revealed."  jsonline-Dan Bice:

Walker: "For a lot of the so-called mainstream media, particularly the newspapers, they are so afraid that they are dying, that they jump to put things up on the internet before they've confirmed things or have a good analysis of them, and that’s exactly what happened. They rely on some information that came out locally. And next thing you know, it was up like wildfire when the facts clearly showed that the headline should have been here is proof of the evidence that failed in court. Instead, they treated it like it was a new deal. And you know, where do you go back to get your reputation back after someone’s put up a big time error and waited a week to correct it?" 
Indeed, I was about to ask the same thing to Scotty, who can't stop blaming the Great Recessions job losses on Gov. Doyle and Mary Burke, with no one there to correct the error for months on end. How do they get their reputation back? 

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