Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Horror of "Social Justice" indoctrination.

Any reasonable person wouldn't think twice about an honest look at both sides of an issue, analyzing and synthesizing information and having empathy.

But in the following hideous world vision of conservative despotism, those free thinkers, trying to solve world hunger, bring about racial equality and wipe out child labor must be vilified and expunged from society. In this nasty screed by super villain "Hate Monger" (aka Michelle Malkin), it's easy to see where the conservative tea party movement is headed. Oh, and could liberals please be more concise, like Malkin's 664 word column on this topic...:

"The ultimate goal of these social-justice prep schools: creating left-wing political advocates."
If only the right wing had fundamentalist religious schools funded by taxpayers to rely on. Oh, and more conservative colleges and those valuable think tank fellowships. It's a dangerous world filled with armed enemies encouraged by a radical political party hell bend on tearing this country down. We're of course talking about Malkin and her tea party Republican home grown terrorists.

1 comment:

  1. Today's youth - regarding their parents' racism and homophobia as bizarre - are dangerous to the rightwing project.

    Malkin is a joke.

    If recognizing the humanity of the Other becomes axiomatic, the neo-fascists' project fails.

    The right, as you note, takes this very seriously.