Friday, August 1, 2014

State Supreme Court neutralizes Constitutional "Home Rule" provision used to Defend Local Control.

Big government Republicans? You bet.

Local control is a thing of the past under Scott Walker, thanks to his henchmen in the state legislature and the conservative activist Supreme Court. In just the first 4 years...
WSJ: Since 2011, Gov. Scott Walker and Republican lawmakers have wrested from local governments control of cellphone tower siting, shoreland zoning restrictions, landlord-tenant regulations, public employee residency requirements, family medical leave rules for private companies and large soft drink bans, among other things. Other proposals, such as limiting a local government’s ability to regulate frac sand mining, didn’t pass.
It just got worse, thanks to the latest activist conservative State Supreme Court decision on Act 10. Att. Ed Fallone said on WPR this morning the court says in matters of money, local control is gone:
"(The court) interpreted away the home rule provision of our state constitution. A provision that says the state legislature can't pass laws sort of countermanding local government matters...intended in our constitution to protect the cities and local governments from having micromanagement out of the statehouse...the majority opinion said that spending money is a statewide concern...I'm wondering what the home rule protects anymore. "
Pictured in this audio clip is Ed Fallone and John Prestigard:

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