Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paul Ryan calls Obama "a committed ideologue?" Projection much?

Much of the GOP agenda is vindictive, with Paul Ryan leading the way. It’s time to take back what the “takers” have been grabbing away from the well off.

For Ryan it’s personal. After building up his wonk creds for years, Obama had the nerve to challenge that image, making him look inhumane, cruel, elitist, and f*******.
USA Today: Ryan is withering toward the president — a breach he dates to a speech Obama gave in April 2011 outlining his budget plan. Ryan was sitting in a front-row seat reserved for him for an address he thought would embrace a bipartisan commission's deficit-reduction plan and move toward compromise. Instead, Obama blasted the GOP budget Ryan had drafted as imperiling the most vulnerable. He called for cuts in defense spending and higher taxes for the affluent.

"That was the moment where I realized, oh, wow, he really is a committed ideologue," Ryan says.
Really Paul, Obama’s the ideologue? Then like clockwork, after Ryan "got taken to the shed," the Democrats screwed it up royally:
He says Erskine Bowles, the commission's Democratic co-chairman, called him afterward to apologize, saying, "That was reprehensible behavior and I'm ashamed of it as a Democrat."
Just like a Democrat, apologizing for being blunt and utterly truthful.

Ryan’s strict hard line budgeting and attacks on the poor, the “takers,” have made Ryan a no compromise partisan. The media doesn't think so, pretending Ryan’s draconian plans for the poor are a sincere effort to open a dialogue. Yeah, I know, the Democrats have been doing this since the 60’s:
(Ryan’s) 73-page anti-poverty plan (is) an effort, he says, to start a conversation … the fact that he is calling for attention to the issue of poverty…
…blah, blah, blah. The press continues to fawn all over this elitist scrooge. I'm sure the story of his father will make him appear human. But his story isn't so unique or as sad as those families who live in poverty, and depend on those troublesome safety nets Ryan wants to cut away. 

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  1. After hearing Susan Page interviewed by Kathleen Dunn yesterday where the topic turned to military surplus equipment and the overall militaristic tactics being instituted by civilian police through the NSA, she spouted a comment that it was just, "an unintended consequence," of something or other, start looking for a second opinion on most of what she might have to say about Ryan. Bigger fluff than Ryan's book.