Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ferguson gut check: Liberal vs Conservative Law enforcement in Wisconsin.

I was struck how different our law enforcement leaders differed in their approach to something like the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Talking about the militarized confrontation in Ferguson, Rachel  Maddow brought up the violent 60's war protests in Madison, and how Police Chief David Couper came in and turned all that around. A really nice piece:

Now check out this less than grateful reelection interview with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who bashed "this soft on crime, revolving door, social engineering experiment being conducted by the DA, and the lenient Milwaukee County Judiciary...I'm going to continue to push back on it. It's hurting this community...I believe the (election) results were a repudiation of their soft on crime social engineering experiments...I promote a clash of ideas."

Fianlly, check out Madison's new Police Chief Mike Koval's approach, and tell me who you would put your confidence in. WISC:

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