Friday, August 8, 2014

Sheriff Clarke pushes vigilante justice: "I don't dial 911. I will afterwords to say 'come get this dead guy'..."

Since I'm based is Madison, it looks like I've been missing out on the continuing lunacy of fake Democrat Sheriff David Clarke. In a new ad rated by PolitiFact as true, Sheriff Clarke is shown as the irresponsible gun nut we knew he was. It's almost too weird, too incendiary to describe. Check it out:

Here's the story:
A new TV ad by a liberal union-backed Greater Wisconsin Committee uses Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.’s own words to suggest he’s encouraging gun violence by discouraging use of the 911 emergency response system. At the top of the spot, a narrator says: "Emergency responders. They risk their lives every day to help save ours. But Sheriff David Clarke says 911 is not our best option."

Clarke says in a clip featured in the ad: "I don’t dial 911, I will afterwards, to say ‘Come get this dead guy out of my house, he’s bleeding out and he’s messing up my carpet ... Point that barrel (at) center mass and pull the trigger."

Does the new ad accurately reflect Clarke’s views? Specifically, has Clarke advised citizens to "point that barrel center mass and pull the trigger" because "911 is not our best option?" We rate the claim True.

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