Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hey WIBA 1310, time to take out the McKenna Trash Talk.

Reporter Dylan Brogan chanced upon a classic moment where conservative talker (V)icki McKenna defended law enforcement in Ferguson, MO. She's normally not a big fan of local law enforcement when you drunk and disorderly though...

...so Brogan called her and reminded her of her embarrassing past at a U2 concert 18 years ago, where she took a swing at an officer. I assume she wanted to land a punch. And really, resisting arrest takes a little physical force as well...well, check out the edited report by clicking on it. 

Classy and professional as ever, McKenna (Pyzynski) ranted and raged for a few minutes, threatening Sly and the "troll" caller. This plays well for Clear Channel advertisers, a blathering, incoherent, juvenile name calling talk host with a microphone?

I've included as many names and threats as I could from her podcast. Take it from me, her former partner and 26 year radio guy, she's about as uninformed and immature as anyone I've heard behind a mic, and I've seen some real losers. 

Here's what Clear Channel is proudly syndicating around the state:

Jenny, a caller, said she was entertained by her cheap trash talk. Blunt, straight forward, hilarious? Really?


  1. And the dirty little secret- you could put ANYONE in that time spot on that station and get ratings, especially with the Brewers playing well and Packer season right around the corner.

    I'm also very close to lobbing a note to Jeff Tyler (program manager) asking why he continues to put such racist, hate-filled garbage like Icki, Limbaugh, and Hannity over the airwaves. And if they don't, a billboard campaign telling people to "TURN OFF HATE RADIO 1310" should get their attention

  2. Feeling better, John? Does this assuage your hate a little bit? Want to share anything about your in-studio behavior?

  3. You mean our disagreements, my tossed headphones and your temper tantrums? Wow, big dirty secret.

    Hate? Maybe, but only in the sense that you're so bad at filling air time, with word salads, misinformation, on air tantrums of name calling, and complete fiction. You remember details and names but can't connect the dots.

    Hate? Maybe sadness more. I loved radio once, and except for a few balanced smart people, I think low rent talent like yours just leaves everyone with a headache.

    Thanks for preventing me from correcting your Facebook rants. Afraid your fans might learn something or get an opposing viewpoint. Never name called either. So typically authoritarian.

  4. That wasn't Vicki who commented, John. Just someone who knows the full story. If you are trying to paint Vicki as a radio failure, all I've got to say is "some failure!"

  5. Funny you would know that..."the full story?" Wow, what an exclusive.

    Fill me in. I can't imagine what must have happened during our breaks that would make you think of blackmail. Good luck with that. I'm worried sick I might never get a job in radio again.

    Her failure is based on her lack of knowledge and craftsmanship. It's simply not good radio. Have you seen her ratings? Huge huh?

    There's a reason why it was once a great profession. At least before they let every long winded conservative BS'er on the AM and FM dial destroying its long heritage.

    Not much to go back too.