Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Joe Leibham has his own Kathy Nicholaus in Sheboygan County?

I love seeing the candidates whine about dirty tricks and cheating in their own Republican primaries.

Guess we’ll never have the integrity we want, or the confidence we need in our elections. Sigh!
WSJ: Only 214 votes separate state Sens. Glenn Grothman and Joe Leibman … putting Grothman's initially-declared victory in doubt, unofficial election results show.

The Associated Press had called the race for Grothman on Tuesday night, but then uncalled it Wednesday after more votes came in for state Sen. Joe Leibham from “late-reporting Sheboygan County.”
It takes a while to rig an election you know. 

Free? Paid for by Taxpayers: Let’s see if Leibham will opt to save money for his constituents:
Any candidate can request a recount in Wisconsin. And the recount in the 6th District Congressional race would be free because the margin appears to be one-half a percentage point or less.


  1. When GOPs talk about lawbreaking, it is ALWAYS PROJECTION. We cannot forget this.

    Do we need Jimmy Carter and the UN inspectors in Wisconsin this November? I'm starting to say yes.