Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Burke favored among likely voters, 48.6% to Walker’s 46.5%. AG Democratic candidate Susan Happ 42% to Brad Schimel’s 32%.

Here are the latest quick numbers on the major races in November:
WisPolitics: The latest Marquette University Law School poll found among likely voters, it was 48.6% for Burke and 46.5% for Walker. For just registered voters, 47.5% backed Walker, while 44.1% favored Burke. In July, registered voters backed Walker 46-45, while likely voters supported Burke 47-46.

In the Attorney Generals race; the poll found 40% of registered voters favored Happ, while 33% backed Schimel. 24% were undecided or didn't know. Among likely voters, 42 percent backed Happ, while 32 percent supported Schimel.
Here are few more interesting answers in the poll:

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