Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bumbling AG candidate Brad Schimel says he'll be Republican Rubber Stamp for Governor.

It's difficult to have any confidence at all in Waukesha DA Brad Schimel, especially after he entered the race for attorney general against Jefferson County DA Susan Happ.

It maybe just me but he reminds me of Homer Simpson, ya think?

Brad Schimel, Not Ready for Prime time: In the first slideshow below, Schimel said to Upfront's Mike Gousha (Goo-shay) that he was ready for the job. That's unlikely, and not just my opinion. After his disastrous roll out on conservative talker Vicki McKenna's program, what's left to question. Hat tip to the Devil's Advocates at The Mic 92.1 for the McKenna audio, which I edited into the conversation:

Schimel wasn't done fumbling and bumbling through his interview. Schimel said he planned to defend the laws passed by the Republican legislature and signed by the governor, no questions asked. After all, that's the AG's job description. Really? Was he doing that when he said wouldn't defend the same sex marriage law, before he changed his mind? That would have been one example of not defending state law, right?

In example  number two, he concluded the interview by saying he wouldn't be a rubber stamp for the governor, but that he would be pretty predictable. Huh?
Schimel: "If they've passed that law through, and it isn't plainly unconstitutional, that there are non-frivolous arguments to be made to support the law, I will be supporting that law..."
Wait a minute, it sounds like he won't be defending the laws as passed, if...? Schimel is all over the map. Slideshow audio:

One of my favorite lines by Schimel about Democratic candidate Susan Happ?
Schimel: "She's going to use her environment enforcement agency to obstruct the mining process up North. All of those things are wrong for Wisconsin."  
Yea, using the law to save the environment is "wrong for Wisconsin."

Schimel argues it's not his job to interpret the law. He said he'd let the courts decide what's constitutional or not, even though he has to initially interpret and defend those laws in court as our AG. He can't just sit back and let the judge decide...unless he really thinks he can.

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