Friday, August 1, 2014

Climate Change already killing jobs in Milwaukee, raising prices, and the growing numbers of GOP deniers will only make things worse.

I have this weird radar that alerts me to stories that in some way relate to each other, like job losses and climate problems. Climate denying Texas is now seeing a huge decline in cattle ranching because of drought conditions...I'm crying alligator tears:
WWNO: For decades, Texas has been the center of cattle country, but drought is reshaping the beef map and raising the price of steak. Ranchers are moving their herds from California to Colorado and from Texas to Nebraska by the thousands. They’re seeking refuge from dry weather and cattle producers in the Midwest are making the most of it.

Nebraska Radio Net: Texas, the country’s No. 1 beef state, lost 24 percent of its total beef herd from 2010-2014. Oklahoma saw a 13 percent cut. A freak snowstorm in October of 2013 killed cattle in western Nebraska. The thunderstorms and tornadoes of June this year killed an estimated one thousand head.
Neighboring South Dakota saw a flash rainfall, and then massive blizzard that killed tens of thousands of cattle:

Even after the above climate change disasters, and the news that Cargill is eliminating 600 in Milwaukee today, no one on the Republican side is talking about, or reconsidering their extreme position on this job killing issue. 
jsonline: Cargill Inc. is closing its beef cattle slaughterhouse in Milwaukee, resulting in the loss of about 600 jobs almost immediately … Years of drought have reshaped the U.S. beef industry, with cattle feedlots and meatpacking plants closing because there aren't enough livestock to support them. Plant operators say they don't expect a recovery anytime soon, as it will take years to rebuild herds that were drawn down by an extended drought in cattle-producing states and high animal feed prices.
I haven't heard one thing from the Democrats either, who are missing a golden opportunity to prove their point to a skeptical public buffaloed by Republican tea party deniers. Democrats are stuck in a pattern of reacting to Republican attacks, defending themselves by promising to give-in, and not forcefully standing up for their beliefs. I know, I'm not happy with the party either.


  1. The planet is fine. The people aren't.

  2. One thing about leftists. They make a lot of assumptions.

  3. Here. Learn something if you can.

  4. as usual curmudgeon you called it.

  5. Thanks for the links to every dumb ass conspiracy theorist you could think of at the moment, even a radio talk host, who I would believe in a moment notice over a scientist.

    The video story included wasn't enough for the trolling fear monger "anonymous." Boo!

  6. Well perhaps you should come out to the coast and measure the radiation for yourself. Or see the aerosol spraying for yourself. Or witness the lightening at venice beach which never ever happens for yourself.

    Another thing about leftists, they never travel much. Probably because they're too afraid to leave the house.

    I would suggest you go live in a 3rd world country or a communist state since you advocate for one all the time. I'm sure you will love it. tee hee.

    It's not a theory if it's true. Thanks for proving that you didn't even watch the last one.

    Yeah you keep believing. Believe away. Believe whatever obama tells you to believe. That should work out for you.

  7. Just out of curiosity,

    Which part of that presentation was factually incorrect?