Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cowards! Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio run from responsibility to reform Immigration policy.

The strategy to block all legislation as a way to hurt the Obama's administration now and historically, is inadvertently turning the Republicans into a party that feels comfortable not really managing anything. They've gotten used to it.

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent took the media on when he tweeted the digs pictured here against reporters who won't ask a simple question.

Ed Schultz took a look at the public's frustration with the growing distance between their elected officials and themselves as the frequency of town halls declined to almost nothing. I've included at the end of the clip Paul Ryan's decision to shutdown a few "Dreamers" who showed up at a recent book signing. Ryan even coordinated a security team to escort curious Americans off the premises.

Because town halls are becoming a thing of the past, any venue works now for citizens trying to get answers. But Marco Rubio is finding out the hard way at such an open meeting:

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