Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Vote for Scott Walker? Call in Listeners offer up Clue.

You'll get a kick out of this short compilation of "Stand with Walker" supporters calling in to WPR's Joy Cardin show. Her gubernatorial straw poll brought out the deep Walker thinkers, whose comments sounded like bumper sticker slogans. They really haven't been paying attention. Audio only:


  1. John, the 6th caller sounds extremely similar to our dear right-wing lunatic fringe thinker, and Joy Cardin's recent Friday morning guest, Michele Litgens.

    At the 13:00 minute mark of the show two weeks ago Litgens (opposite Louis Fortis, Sheppard Express Editor) I think unwittingly confirms confirms the planned Republican voter suppression efforts of instituting the August primary, when she feigns surprise (or is actually that clueless) that so many people she came into contact with were unaware of the August primary election.

    We continue to get Ms Cardin's giving credence to political hacks like Blaska, Prestigard, Litgens and several others by even seeking their right-wing POV (LOL) by repeatedly inviting them back as guests. It would be hilarious if not so very pathetic that as show hosts, doesn't seem to have a clue either when she asks the idiotic questions about, "how did WI politics get so polarized," and totally misses that our former state radio station used to rightly be called the educational station. Not so much with certain FAUX news formats and lowest common denominator guests from the right. Listen to Dave BlasKKKa stumble through his racist apologetic, blaming the victims, those poor and the minorities in apartheid Milwaukee, (Ferguson) for the problems socio and economic problems they face.

    There is no direct contact to Mike Crane at WPR as far as I know. About time for an abrupt change at that station.

  2. Well said, I couldn't have put it better. Perhaps there aren't too many choices on the right as possible guests, but Blaska, Litgens and Prestigard? Don't get me going...

  3. Sorry for the failure to preview and edit my comment this morning. Could have re-written that for clarity but needed to get going out the door.

    There have to be some intelligent Republicans who Walker doesn't hold some dirt on to guarantee their 100% compliance with the regime.

    I also thought mentioning a couple of those names might get you the publicity of a law suit, establishing some more creds in the blog-o-sphere. (humor intended)