Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Walker not at fault, as Doe-eyed Republicans play up social media threats...Victims again.

You want to get threats, sign a recall petition against Scott Walker. Or try surviving as a liberal blogger.

Harassing politicians and bloggers is just the day-to-day pass time for the many that just need to vent.  But threats are all too easily tossed around today as well.

I put the blame on Scott Walker and a party pushing an extreme agenda, whose motto is "to hell with moderation."

Who created an atmosphere where someone is so willing to threaten a politician and his family? Scott Walker. Although threats are dumb, it's human nature for some to take that step, and the next one.

Scott Walker even said he thinks having a divided state is healthy. Scott Walker set the tone in Wisconsin, starting with his promise to "divide and conquer." Not your usual message to a state made up of two major parties. And Republicans have ignored half the state's citizens with their winner take all agenda. And they're wondering why Twitter and Facebook comments are so negative?

The final nail for me was Scott Walker's recall blacklist. If you signed a petition for his recall, Walker made it clear you didn't have any kind of future in Wisconsin while he was governor. If you're willing to blacklist Wisconsinites, you're capable of doing anything.

Scott Walker is now worried about his son's recent string of threats by one angry individual. And yet, Matt Walker has embraced his fathers agenda. He's a "20-year-old student at Marquette University (and) head of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans." He's also been known to throw a few political verbal punches as well, playing the victim when the language gets out of control.

Republicans would love it if everyone forgot about the death threats and verbal abuse against people with yard signs or recall signup tables. How about the possible attacks at recall signers homes?

And yet the following rightwing authoritarians are now whining about being held to the same public standards, with the same public scrutiny and possibility of blowback:
Wisconsin Reporter: Eric O’Keefe and the Wisconsin Club for Growth knows the consequences of speaking out against powerful prosecutors in a politically charged investigation. “Indeed, Mr. O’Keefe has faced threatening behavior—including online stalking of his children and grandchildren—due to his participation in this litigation,” the conservative activist’s attorney writes in a court document filed this week.

O’Keefe alleges that Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, a Democrat, two of his assistant DAs, trampled on conservatives’ rights to speech and association. “Based on these (O’Keefe’s) and other instances of retaliation and threats of retaliation, many Club supporters have specifically requested assurances that their identities will not be publicly disclosed, for fear that they too will face reprisal for their political associations and advocacy,” the attorney wrote.
What these bottom feeders are hoping for is no public accountability for manipulating our public elections.

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