Monday, August 25, 2014

Incidental Governor Scott Walker still not aware of Blatant Pay-to-Play, even after $20,000 Donation resulting from $6 million Tax Credit!!!

The sharp political divide in the state has resulted in an extreme conservative backlash against their "enemies on the left," causing them to go into defense mode whenever Scott Walker is criticized. It doesn't matter how serious the infraction or how crooked Walker looks, conservatives have invested too much of their political identities into this administrations "unintimidated" leader. 

So listen for the big yawn from the right. WSJ:

Less than a month after the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. board approved a $6 million tax credit for Ashley Furniture Industries, the company’s owners gave $20,000 to Gov. Scott Walker’s re-election campaign.
In their standard “above-the-law” response...prove it!
Laurel Patrick, a spokeswoman for Walker, said in an email: “Political contributions are in no way tied to tax incentives provided by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Decisions related to investments or awards are contractually required to meet certain objectives.”
And “stand with Walker” supporters continue to ignore the growing cronyism under Walker.

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