Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where's Media apology for hyped untrue "Vets are dying on waiting lists" story.

The Republican narrative on just about every topic of public interest is proving to be not just dangerous to the credibility of the media pushing it, but is souring people on their own governments ability to safe guard their interests. Awareness is one thing, but lying to get attention is another.

The discovery of the Vets waiting list cover-up and falsification of records is without a doubt horrific, but to say veterans died while waiting for treatment, and then running with that story for weeks is unforgivable. In any health care system world wide, you'll always be able to find a number of stories where patients waiting for care got lost in the system and died. But what was done to the veterans department was a politically calculated attack by Republicans to tear away at the Obama administration.
WSJ: The Veterans Affairs Department says investigators have found no proof that delays in care caused any deaths at a VA hospital in Phoenix, deflating an explosive allegation that helped expose a troubled health care system in which veterans waited months for appointments while employees falsified records to cover up the delays. VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald said, "It is important to note that while OIG's case reviews in the report document substantial delays in care, and quality-of-care concerns, OIG was unable to conclusively assert that the absence of timely quality care caused the death of these veterans."

In an interview with The Associated Press, Deputy VA Secretary Sloan Gibson stressed that veterans are still waiting too long for care, an issue the agency is working to fix.

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